Shungopavi, which is located on the Hopi Reservation

The place I consider my “true” home is my village, Shungopavi, which is located on the Hopi Reservation. My traditional grandmother raised me in Shungopavi village and by my single mother. My home is a beautiful place where the 12 original Hopi villages reside on tall mesas that are isolated by the desert. When I was growing up, my grandmother taught my ways of the Hopi, the ways the elders consider “the right way,” she taught me the morals, the beliefs, the religion, and most importantly the language.

My village is considered the only village that still has everything, which I believe is a huge benefit because I am able to learn and participate in most of our ceremonies that are suitable for females. I believe that my hometown is the best, because being a Hopi, I am able to learn my culture and language from a different perspective. The people in my hometown also make it a place to call “home” because of their support and the way we do things out here on the reservation makes me want to achieve for the best.

I believe that my village would be considered a home because of the rich culture that surrounds you, also because of the Hopi people who are so nice and caring, all of whom inspire me to reach for the stars so I can return home in hopes of helping my people in the future.