snow that settles between the Payson mountains

Arizona embraces the gift of variance within its borders. From the illustrious beauty in our Sedona rocks to the silky blanket of snow that settles between the Payson mountains, we have a little of everything. If you look closely, even the open desert is bursting with magnificent floral arrangements set among a jeweled bed.

In the core of Arizona lies a city that, while small in comparison with other states, has a strong heartbeat of culture and history. Many of the historical structures stand as a remembrance of what once was. Intermingled with the old west memories, Arizona encompasses art and science museums and many other new charms to feed the soul.

There are many things to see and do in Arizona, which is why Arizona is home to many, but for me it’s all about proximity. Many states throughout the U.S. have mesmerizing sceneries, historical allure, or new age attractions, but Arizona has them all within arms reach. Within moments I can view the charisma of Tombstone or the excitement of Castles ‘N Coasters and still be ontime to work the following morning. Arizona is where I was raised and taught to appreciate life and it is where I will raise and teach my children.